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The legacy of Oil Barons Tour

Architectural walk
  • 2 hours


Believe it or not, at the beginning of the 20th century, Azerbaijan was producing more than half of the world's oil supply. And that ‘oil boom’ made millionaires of many landowners and businessmen who became known as ‘oil barons’. They spent a huge amount of their new-found money on building elaborate residencies, grand palaces, indulgent theatres and ornate halls. Their choice of architecture style often an original twist on Italian Renaissance and Baroque styles with added oriental touches. Our architectural tour shows you the greatest creations from that era, by bringing the buildings much more vividly to life and helping you imagine those times and weaving tales of the characters behind the facades they created.

 Highlights include the splendid Ismailliyya Palace, the former Empress Alexandra Russian Muslim Boarding School for Girls, Mukhtarov’s Mansion – once a place of tragedy now turned into a ‘palace of happiness’ - and the gilded elegance of the Philharmonic Hall set in Governor’s Gardens.

What's included

Tour price includes:

  • Passing by the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall
  • Passing by the Baku City Executive Power
  • Passing by the Institute of Manuscripts of Azerbaijan
  • Professiona Guide Service
  • Passing by the Muktarov's Mansion