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Nikolaevskaya Tour

The story of a city in 10 stations
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  • 2 hours
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Former Nikolaevskaya street is like a railway that lies between epochs. Every station is a discovery of your own past, every stop is a chance to be surprised. Now imagine taking a trip along this street with a true bakuvian who shares the real history, way different from what you used to study in school. Illustrated with the rare original photos of personalia and buildings, unique historical treasures like genuine edition of Molla Nasreddin and manuscripts, moreover, told with respect and admiration, the story of Baku will captivate you. Our tour guide Rustam Nabizade introduces names, places and events that have shaped late medieval Baku which makes this tour your perfect opportunity to take another look on the city you live in and the long way it came; touch it with your hands and feel it with your heart. The tour starts nearby the Sabir’s park and takes you all the way up the street making you wonder as you pass by the buildings like Ismailiya, Mirzabayovs’ mansion, the former school for muslim girls and many more worth discovering. Rustam is more than a guide - he is an ambassador of love to Baku. Let him change your perception of this city and make your proud of being a local here.

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  • Professional tour guide


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