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Baku Metro Tour

The story of a city in 10 stations
  • Fixed Departure Tours
  • 3 hours
  • Tour Guide


Looking for something a little different? Let us take you underground to see a view of Baku that few tourists have seen and few locals ever bother to appreciate: the Metro. When its construction began it was one of the first subterranean railways of the then Soviet Union. Many changes and extensions have left their historical footprints and today’s Baku Metro can offer a range of curious insights - historical, cultural and artistic as well as the fascination of seeing the day-to-day living urban pulse of everyday city folk. Whilst anyone can explore the metro for the price of a fare, our tour reveals many of the system’s lesser known quirks, and our knowledgeable guide helps you understand in context what you’re looking at from the Soviet-era carriage designs to characters depicted in station mosaics.

Get off at a mysterious station that's always almost empty, and learn what makes people shun it. Peruse public ‘galleries’ of art and photographs. Listen to poetry linked to Azerbaijani writers whose work is evoked or depicted in certain station designs. And discover which station has its own below-ground garden

What's included

Tour price includes:

  • Metro card with necessary credit
  • Professional Guide Services
  • Metro map
  • Discovering the local metro stations

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