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Gobustan Rock Drawings

The cradle of human civilisation
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There are few places on earth where traces of ancient human history are so vividly apparent as at Gobustan. Rocky formations here that once formed part of stone-age cave dwellings, are richly inscribed with a wide range of fascinating petroglyphs. These have been scratched in styles that evolved over the millennia as tool technology changed. You’ll find depictions of animals, hunting scenes, shamen and group dances. Other symbols have meanings that are subject to debate but possibly represent astronomical and astrological constellations. The most celebrated petroglyph shows a reed boat sailing towards a stylised sun – an classic image which launched a fascinating academic debate over links between the ancient cultures of Azerbaijan and Viking Scandinavia. A museum near the site adds context and your guide will help you find the Haval Dash, a resonant ‘tambourine stone’ that rings like a gong when struck.

The petroglyph site has a delightful setting, high on a hillside that feels vaguely Tuscan yet offers views across the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caspian Sea far below, veined with curious stilted platforms and over-wave roadways.

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