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Hooray Comrades!

Soviet Baku walk
  • Private Tours
  • 3 hours


Fraternal greetings, Comrades!

Get ready to go back a few decades to the ‘good old’ red era of proletarian propaganda and communist conformity. Decadent bourgeois revisionists beware! Don’t think that the glorious revolution has been entirely banished to the history books. Nyet! Baku retains some specific ‘tinges’ of its own specific Soviet past. Become a ‘pioneer’ with us as you discover these strata in cultural, socio-political and architectural features. The experience might be nostalgic for some, a cold war fascination for others, but either way, you can count on a very entertaining tour led by a guide whose performance is full of questions, provocations, and surprises. We walk a special route discovering some of Baku’s Soviet features both archetypal and hidden, starting from what was built as the “Central Committee of Communist Party of Azerbaijan”. There are lots to learn as you pass such brilliantly named buildings as the “Monolith” and end up where the USSR’s Baku rulers were toppled in 1991 – the appropriately dubbed “House of Soviets”.

Expect facts and rumors, legends and fun, with an extraordinary atmosphere guaranteed.

What's included

Tour price includes:

  • Walk along the major highlights of the Soviet architecture

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Available in:

Arabic, Azerbaijan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Departures available daily between 09:00 - 18:00

Pricing table:

Number of travelers Price per person in USD
1-1 85
2-2 45
3-5 30
6-8 15
9-15 12

Don’t forget to indicate your pick-up location! We can pick you up from most hotels and metro stations within central Baku.