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Cellar Door

  • Fixed Departure Tours
  • 2 hours


It is not only the devil that is in detail sometimes, the real beauty is also hidden so that only true wonderers can discover it. The curiosity of our guide Alla once made her explore the city she used to believe she knew well. Ever since that, this lady could not help opening the doors in the heart of Baku. Alla is keen on unknown, unbeaten routes, her walks are genuine expeditions, that is why Bakuvians are literally insatiable of her Cellar Door Telegram channel. Check the channel out, and you will see the monumental mansions of prominent families and spacious authentic courtyards live their own lives behind the unremarkable doors just in the center of the city! Seeing the marvelous interest of locals and guests of the country, we have finally come up with a tempting idea turn Alla's hobby into a tour and invite you to share her journeys. We promise this tour will change your vision of Baku forever with every next door you often pass by but never really notice revealing its secrets and sharing its story. Elaborately decorated with carvings or painted in a plain color, open for everyone or locked these doors are like portals to different realities and epochs. Alla the Explorer knows exactly how to unlock these portals to past, trust her with your weekend, and she will surprise you. The world of unexpectedly fascinating and mysterious canvases on the walls, impressive atriums, and ornate spiral staircases will become part of your personal image of the city. Come and join us, be bold to open the doors, and of course, take dozens of pictures to capture the fantastic views you uncover. After all, who knows how many more riddles are waiting for you out there and how much you will discover by yourselves after this walk?

Whats included

Tour price includes:

  • Cellar door tour by Alla Palonskaya


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