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I am Ilaha


Ilaha Dadasheva

Restless, sociable, curious

There’s nothing I like better than travelling and getting to know different people and cultures… so you can imagine how much I enjoy being a tour guide. My interests are pretty diverse: I love history, arts- music, architecture, dancing and poetry, as well as sports and cooking. So I am sure we can find plenty in common and hope we’ll benefit from the time we spend together. 
Most of all I’d like to help imprint upon your memories some special images of Baku, a charming, fascinating city that so perfectly combines elements of East and West. I adore showing people the narrow streets of the Old City (Icheri Sheher), sneaking into little shops and cozy courtyards and strolling into the Shah's Garden to feel the contrasting atmospheres of different epochs, romantic and nostalgic. 
I will point out elements of Azerbaijani arts, culture and traditions – a contrasting world of rules and customs which have roots that have survived for centuries yet can harmoniously coexist with the progressive rush of contemporary life. From traditional bazaars to small boutiques, colourful galleries to exclusive brands, there are so many highlights in my list of things to show you!

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management