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Alish Ismayilov

Sociable, self-confident, professional

I was born with the smell of Baku in my nostrils. The wind was always my loyal partner to dance through Old City’s narrow streets.  These days I am studying Business, but my real passion is meeting people. Many different people. Each person represents a different life story and the more stories I know, the more I will complete life’s puzzle… to reach the highest level of happiness! For me happiness also comes from art – though art might be as simple as lying on the pier on Baku Boulevard, charmed by the sight of the stars meeting the Caspian Sea. Another access to happiness comes through discovering new places. So I am looking forward welcoming you here in the city that nurtured me. I particularly like the places where important historical figures lived, and where key decisions were made that ultimately shaped today’s Baku. So I am especially fascinated by the palaces of Isa bey Hajinsky and of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. I will share with you the stories of these and other famous Baku citizens of the early 20th-century, discussing how they became oil millionaires. Let’s visit previous centuries together, imagining the life of those times. Who knows? Maybe in looking back we will find echoes of our own happy spirits…

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management