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Afa Zeynalli

Positive, flexible, patient

Quite aside from my work with tourists, I am also Assistant Professor of English and Literature at Baku State University, with a whole range of hobbies including literature, dance, culture, history and cooking. It’s a lot but somehow I just can’t imagine myself without doing all of this.  
I adore Baku – it’s a wonderful mixture of east and west, modernity and antiquity, silence and noise. I like its bazaars and shops, its squares and ‘secret’ yards, its parks and promenades. Everything has its own smell and history. At its heart, the Old City ‘Icheri Sheher’ still maintains a certain medieval feel in the layout of its narrow, crooked streets. And then there’s Baku Boulevard where you can feel the calming presence of the sea beside you as you stroll. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Baku once they’d got a taste for its incredible atmosphere?  
And to help you get that taste, I’ll invite you to sip different teas in the chaykhanas (teahouses) of our city, places of relaxation but also of important decision making. Learn how tea came to this land of fire and turned into our national beverage as we explore Azerbaijani tea culture!

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management