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Emin Bayramli

Cheerful, relaxed, enthusiastic

I have always been deeply impressed with those who have stories to tell and memories to share, accumulated through travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing cultural diversity. As well as being educational, gathering such experiences helps shape an individual and deepens one’s knowledge in a whole range of fields. In return I have always been eager to share my love of Azerbaijan with those I meet whether abroad - in the various countries that I’ve visited or lived in - or with international students on my Bachelors in Business Administration course. Of course it’s not hard to gush about the country’s beautiful landscape or its clashes of modernity and antiquity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cobblestoned streets of Inner City Baku (Icharishahar), whose historical significance I love explaining over a hot chocolate or glass of tea on the terrace of my “favest fave” café with views of the Maiden Tower and Caspian Sea serenaded by the strains of traditional local music.

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