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Tural Musayev

Ambitious, investigative, sociable

My formal education and major work experiences have been in economics, but I also love to search for knowledge and expertise in a wide range of other fields from literature to martial arts. I have a special fascination for history and for historical research. Azerbaijan offers especially rich pickings: with so many layers there’s always something to discover for anyone who takes an interest. Beginning with the mysterious past of ancient times, through the rough-and-tumble of medieval conflicts, to the turbulence of the twentieth century and the sophistication of recent years, Baku is a glorious canvas of events and emotions. I love to share my discoveries and feelings for this great city, guiding guests and visitors especially through the period of the Oil Boom. Of course I’ll introduce the architecture and lifestyle of the early 20th-century Oil Barons, but I can also share with you many ‘secret’ facts and adventurous stories from the same times, related to the nascent Communist ‘mafia’ whose pre-WWI crimes, intrigues and activities would prove an important stepping stone towards the eventual creation of the USSR. As you’ll guess, this is very different from the typical Baku tourist will walk!

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management