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I am Sophie


Sophie Buzulukina

Curious, communicative, open-minded

Bonjour! I’m a 24 year-old philologist with a bachelor’s degree in French. I like art, enjoy reading and have a passion for all kinds of learning, especially, languages. So it's always a pleasure for me to meet new people and to re-discover this magnificent city of many cultures in their company. Baku reveals its beauty in many ways. Like so many others, I am mesmerised by the fine buildings of the Oil Boom period, am enchanted by the Old City’s crooked ancient streets and am always happy wandering into lesser known courtyards where the real lives of Bakuvians predominantly plays out. But one of my special favourite aspects of the city is the metro. Far more than just a public transport system, it offers a whole range of secret clues to Azerbaijan’s history and culture… once you learn how to interpret the signs. I'll lead you through the metro and together we’ll discover the artistic surprises, legends and mysteries that it hides while getting a unique feel for its hypnotic atmosphere. 

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management