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I am Narmin


Narmin Guseynova

Smiley, enthusiastic, inquisitive

From an early age, literature and cuisine led me to be curious about European countries. I found myself especially inspired to learn languages, especially German and Italian, studying them further at university and ultimately using them professionally as a guide. Beyond pure linguistic delight, my job also provides me with a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and to share my love of Baku. 
As I wander the city I am particularly keen to point out places which have appeared in classic novels. A favourite such location is Vahid Park, once known as Gubernator Garden and, as such, a key setting for a scene in the Caucasian Romeo-and-Julliet style tale, ‘Ali and Nino’.  Beyond the book’s central cross-cultural love story, between Azerbaijani Ali and Georgian Nino, an interesting question is raised as to whether Baku is in Europe or in Asia. Or perhaps in both?! But of course there are many, many other stories to tell you, I can guide you through Azerbaijani poetry, and also share my love of countless cultural delights including opera… from Mozart to our very own Uzeir Hajibeyov. 

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  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Guide me in Baku Project Participant
  • University of Tourism and Management