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Aydan Kazimova

Artistic, curious, peaceful

When I’m not inviting tourists to share my love of the city, I still work as an architect, a career for which I studied in both Azerbaijan and Spain. Having grown up in Baku, I feel a strong attachment to the city’s very special people, traditions and remarkable places. From the thundering traffic passing 21st-century skyscrapers to the calm, restful greenery of the Botanical Garden and the special historical corners hidden within the maze-like Old City, Baku’s contrasts never fail to astound. And if you want something off-beat, peep into atmospheric courtyards or head south to the former naval district of Bayil. There you’ll find a distinctive architectural canvas along with a series of memorable viewpoints from which you can gaze across the bay from unique and photogenic angles. 
But my favourite aspect of the city is its wealth of architecture dating from the late 19th-century. They were built at time at which Baku was just starting to expand beyond the sturdy fortifications that still partly ring the Old City. Today those beautiful facades seem to sing songs full of historical resonance – and it’s my job to help you hear them.

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