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Traditional Bazaar

A world of smells and tastes
  • 3 hours


How do you imagine an "oriental" city? Magnificent mosques? The mellifluous echoes of unfamiliar music? Bustling street scenes? Colourful clothes? All of these, perhaps. But don’t forget the sensual overload of the bazaars, vibrant marketplaces, overflowing with carefully stacked pyramids of colourful fruit, places where you can find any kind of vegetable, taste and smell hundreds of spices, and try out your practical skills in economics and rhetoric. Of course, anyone can wander through a bazaar to soak up the sensations for themselves. But by joining our personalised Baku bazaar tour, you get so much more. Our companion guide helps you with language, familiarises you with the market’s philosophy, rules and organisation and can identify so many less familiar items. And not only by sight. A highlight of the visit is our blind jam tasting where you get to guess the ingredients. Yes… in Azerbaijan, a jam really might be made from walnuts, aubergine or rose petals

As you start to feel at ease, finish the experience by shopping for whatever you might desire, assisted with a little expert bargaining advice. 

What's included

Qiymətə daxildir:

  • Visit to Traditional Bazaar
  • Blind Jam Tasting
  • Free time for shopping

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